The Bougie Fowl Co. was created to support the bird adoptions and egg production of our bougie fowl.

Taz has always had a love for chickens but now that he is learning quail and the quail egg he is even more excited to introduce them to you.

The nutrition program came at a time that we all need to be looking and feeling our best. Taz introduced Herbalife nutrition to help people maintain their weight, loos weight or bulk up! The bonus is that Taz loves to cook and he is excited to share those healthy colorful meals with you as nutrition clients!

SO this LEARN MORE is about you.

What brings you to our site? Invited some how I am sure.

Did Taz hand you something on the street? Was he creepy about it?

What is your small business? Your Career?

Are you a farmer? What do you grow?

What makes you Bougie? What makes you Fowl?

Give us a little bio on you. We will be in contact. You will not go on a mailing list!!!!! You will get a personal email from after we (I, Taz Cable) reads your message. I can’t wait to hear your story. I may write about you, pick your brain, partner with you or even ask you to be on my podcast.


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