Twisted Mister (Twissy Mae)

Twissy Mae was supposed to be a female cat. I had always heard that females are better hunters. I felt I needed a hunter because my cabin in the woods had plenty that needed hunted living in the walls and such. It has been vacant for many months and many things had made themselves at home here at the “Chapel” as it’s called by the locals.

So the deal is I am just borrowing the cat to start with. Mago, an eight year old Mississippi family member, allowed the cat to come stay with me on loan. Just like my sassy little Mago this cat has her spunk. I have never really been a huge cat lover but this one is cool.

He is small and playful. Even when he finds himself in trouble he continues to give it heck.

He and Quacky Roots have bonded just as I had hoped. They have given each other company and the cat was intended for the pig. It worked. They love each other very much!

The cat is a cost to the farm but hopefully some day he will stop feeding the pig chicken feed, not kills anymore chics & soon learn his job in killing rodents and such.

He is growing into himself and I look forward to seeing the adult version of him. Maybe.

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